Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Things are finally starting to come into focus now as I get more details. So this picture here is of my host town, Coronel Suárez. It is about the same size as Wenatchee, 40,000 people, so I wont have to adjust to big city life. They are famous for their polo team apparently. I have never seen a polo game in my life and don't even know the rules, something like golf on horseback right? Hopefully I'll be able to watch a couple games. It's mostly an agricultural town but it isn't very far from the coast (ahhh beaches) and Buenos Aires.

I also got news from my first host family!!! My host mom's name is Marta and my dad's name is Carlos Pellegrini. They both work as doctors, pediatricians I think it was. And they have four kids(four siblings for me!!!). There's Paula who is 21 and lives and studies in Buenos Aires, Florencia who is 18 and living in Austria on her exchange now, Carlos, 16, and he leaves on his exchange in January and lastly, Delfina who is 12. I am so excited to meet them all! We have already started talking on Facebook in spanglish.

My departure date is still up in the air but my friend Chelan leaves for Peru in ten days! Ten days! I'm hoping for an August date but we'll see. I'm going to try and keep up this blog the best I can so I'll write when something interesting happens! And I'll try to post pictures of my family!

Hasta luego!

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