Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Head Just Won't Stop Spinning

Right. So I arrived in Buenos Aires last Saturday, making this day five. It's so hard to put everything that I've done and seen in order but I've been keeping a journal and that is a lifesaver. So here we go. Just with the beginning, because that's all I have time for.

My family said good bye to me at security in SeaTac and watched from afar as I went through security. I gave them a last thumbs up, turned the corner and bam, I'm alone and on my way. I made it to my first terminal no problem and then I had tons of time to kill. But I couldn't relax enough to even read in peace. The whole leaving bit was finally and truly hitting me.
So I sat there and looked around nervously for an hour and a half, with my legs threaded through the straps on my backpack, just like my mother told me (so it's harder to steal I guess), until a woman sat down across from me. She didn't recognize my Rotary jacket but was very friendly and found out I was an exchange student (she also thought I was 25. Win.). Turns out her name was Lyn and she was a big fan of AFS, another exchange program, and had hosted something like eight exchange students and sent all three of her daughters on exchanges. We talked and I calmed down, she helped me board and find the way to my next flight from Atlanta.
While boarding the next flight I ran into a group of Rotary students on there way to Argentina too! They were from Montana and Oregon. We played the ten finger game on the plane and later tried to figure out customs together.
But the man I was sitting next to was named Roy. He started the conversation like this, " you mind if I tell you something?" "Um no. Go ahead." "Well, I have a cat. Riiight under this seat. Oh! But don't worry, it's drugged really well." I didn't know if I've should believe him or not, can you bring cats on planes?! But after talking to him for a while it was clear that he was a little crazy. And he would NOT stop talking about that stupid cat. But he never let me see it so maybe it was all in his head.
ARRIVAL: Then I got off the plane, away from Roy, and went through customs. After customs there was a big gate and you could see tons of people standing behind a glass wall, waiting for everyone to come through. The other Rotary kids were standing there and trying to figure out the bus system to their next flights. So I told them good luck, took a deep breath and went through. I wasn't sure what to look for. I almost went back through the gate because there were just so many people. Then i saw a sign with my name on it and that was biggest relief of my life. My host parents, Carlos y Marta gave me the typical Argentine hug and kiss on the right cheek.
And I really have to go now. Sorry to leave you hanging like this but it's ten here and that's dinner time! I will fill in the other days soon enough and add pictures of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chau and love you.


  1. YAY ROTARY JACKETS!!!!! It's a love/hate relationship! Glad to hear you arrived ok. Remember LOTS of sleep, take your vitamins (than's MY mom'ness that I get to chant)and just remember to "be in the moment". Stop, breath, recognize and enjoy the moments. There will be a lot of them, but don't take them for granted.

    Can't wait to hear more!


  2. LIV!
    Your journey through the airport sounds more exciting than my whole week. I love your writing it made me laugh three times super loud.
    Hope everything is completely awesome (I know it is). Keep blogging! I want to stay in touch with your Argentine experience.